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"The Physics of Spirit: Four Propositions that Enliven the Human Condition"

Pandora's BoxAn eight-page Treatise that investigates an innovative Waveform Theory, which proposes that there is an elegant and practical solution to the ancient division of matter and spirit.

FREE DOWNLOAD. The Four Propositions discuss in the context of physical laws the existence of spirit, creativity, the soul, and how love works to heal and give purpose.

FREE for the reading. Please distribute to your family and friends. Donations to International Cities of Peace are encouraged.


EonomicsOfPeaceThe Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule and the Broadening of Prosperity

McFarland Academic Publishers has released Arment's latest nonfiction work, "The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule and the Broadening of Prosperity". The book details how the ancient Golden Rule ethic and a technology-driven global consciousness are driving epic changes in our economic and governing systems. The historic evolution from nation-state capitalism to a global relational economy with judicial governance is proving that prosperity is compatible with peace.

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The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works

The Elements of Peace delves deeply into the motivations of peacemakers to find the skills, traits, and values that underlay the methods and strategies of nonviolence. Replete with real-world examples of peacemaking, The Elements of Peace clearly and explicitly shows how we, as individuals and societies, choose to handle the conflicts that are a natural part of our lives. Soft cover or Kindle.

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2005 Novel of Physics

Backbeat: A Novel of Physics

A fast-paced and poetic work by J. Frederick Arment, Backbeat: A Novel of Physics is a first-of-a-kind novel that brings the principles of quantum physics to bear on the most universal of stories, an orphan's quest for family.

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Spy vs. Spy, 2nd Edition, 2012

The Synthesis

Not since Atlas Shrugged has one man stood against a power so strong it could stop the flow of history. The Synthesis is a intricately plotted, psychological thriller of international conspiracy and intrigue. John Samson is recruited first by Barlow and Chive, a front for U.S. intelligence, then by the Seventh Seal, a terrorist group based in Europe. Will Samson choose the Confederation of rogue Director of National Intelligence and Barlow protege Henry Linville, or succumb to the secretive and deadly Directorate of the Seventh Seal? Or beyond all hope, will he fight for freedom....

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Matters of Thought

I have always been drawn to what some consider the impossible, the implausible, the hapless idealistic dream. Challenging questions intrigue me. If all be told, they inspire me. Is peace a consensus value that is uniquely expressed in each of our lives? Can fundamental physics be revealing of the human condition? Is redemption a theological given that transcends our judgmental world? To shed light on such questions is improbable yet who is to determine failure or success? Might one thought, one sentence, one word tip the impossible to possible? I believe we have our purpose, you and I. "Only when a tree has fallen," said writer Anne Morrow Lindberg, "can you take the measure of it." Until then, take temporary measure and I hope you'll be pleased.


© 2016, J. Frederick Arment.